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Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am in the church
or online via Facebook (live) or YouTube (from 1:00pm)

St John’s is a friendly, evangelical church in Elmswell, Suffolk, mid-way between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. Our goal is to know Christ and make him known as we serve our community. Our services include a mix of contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns and reveal our reliance on the Bible as the Word of God and our trust in the Holy Spirit. We are strongly committed to introducing and building people up in the Christian faith through Bible teaching, prayer, worship, discipling and friendship.

As a church family, we aim to:
• Demonstrate God's love to the world
• Declare the good news of Jesus Christ
• Depend on God as part of his family

We are a broad range of people including families with young and grown-up children, pensioners, young professionals and many others. Whoever you are, of whatever age, you're very welcome to join us.

Whether you are interested in our history, wish to get married, have a child baptised, want to investigate Christianity or are looking for a place to worship and meet other Christians, we would love to see you. Why not have a look around our site to see who we are and what we do?

Programme of Services Card (July to August 2024)


Sunday Worship 14 July (Philippians 4:10-23)

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Luke 16:13

No one can serve two masters.
Either you will hate the one and love the other,
or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.
You cannot serve both God and money.

July 2024


arrowThis month's Poem:

Sweet and Lovely Things

Oh Father God, help me to think on sweet and lovely things,
That I may not remember for a space,
The many hateful deeds man does to man,
The lies, the cruelty, the murder of the human race.

Lord, may I see the beauty of the hills,
The green of grass, and leaves, of fern and trees.
Help me to hear the river after rain,
Cascading down the mountain as it will,
Roaring, crashing, splashing, foaming, tossing, dashing,
Till in the valley all activity will cease.
There in that gentle place, it finds its peace,
Then to slip under little bridges, and by meadows flat and free,
To glide and glisten, to the open sea.
Help me to see the sea, the silver sand, the sky, the shells,
To hear the waters sounds, and smell the fresh sea-smells,
There to know the heartbeat of the tide,
The great majestic ocean, vast and wide!

Take me to see the misty morning haze,
That shrouds the hills and vales, in shades of greys,
The golden brightness of the noonday sun,
That you have given, till unto You we come.
Show me the soft light of the sun's last ray,
Who walked in Eden at the cool of day.

Lord, may I see the heavens decked with stars,
Each one suspended in its rightful place,
The tiny twinkling lights of your great sequinned sky,
The silver moon, there in what shape she will,
Her light to spill.

I thank you God for colours soft and bright,
The patchwork of the day, the velvet night,
For gale or stillness, Lord, for light and shade,
And all the lovely things that you have made.

Pam Millyard

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We belong to the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, which is a part of the Church of England.