Small Groups:

We have a number of small groups within our parish that meet together on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The small group setting is the best place to get to develop deep friendships with other church members and to get that sense of belonging to something special.

Rather than being an optional aspect of Church life, small groups are a central part of church life, health and growth. Each groups has its own distinct style - some meet weekly and some fortnightly; some meet during the day and some during the evening.

However, all our small group shares four common aspects:
• Fellowship - deepening supportive Christian friendships
• Bible study - we seek to hear what God has to say to us from the Scriptures
• Prayer
• Serve - helping out in our churches and community

Belonging to a small group not only enjoyable, but is also key if we wish to enjoy the genuine Christian community (mutual support, encouragement, discipleship and evangelism) that is in line with the New Testament vision of church.

For for information, please email us or call 01359 240512.