Who Cares? initiative - autumn 2017

Do you ever feel like nobody cares about your problems? The BBC ran a recent survey and the results were quite disturbing. As many as a third of British adults feel they have no one to turn to in a crisis. This is where the "Who Cares?" initiative comes in.

"Who Cares?" is being run by churches across Suffolk, because we represent one community that does care. The Church unconditionally cares about the suffering and plight faced by people in the UK and across the world. Did you know, for example, that churches provide half of the parent and toddler support groups in the UK along with the biggest network of debt counselling? In 2013, churches gave 72 million hours of volunteer work to social initiatives. Most foodbanks are organised by the church community.

We are not trying to big ourselves up, because we know we are a long way from being perfect. Sometimes hurtful things may have been said to you by somebody claiming to be a Christian. We're sorry about that. However, despite our many flaws, I hope our love is real. This is because our goal is to try to emulate the love and care of Jesus Christ.

So, what exactly is "Who Cares?" It starts simply as an anonymous survey that asks people one question - "what hurts the most?" We want to know what is the one thing in life people find difficult to handle. We want to know where our communities hurt and how we may be able to respond. We won't have all the answers - however, listening is a good place to start. If you have not already come across our survey, you may be approached by somebody in the coming weeks. We would love to hear from you. If there is any way in which you are suffering or hurting, please respond to the survey.

Towards the end of the year, we will be analysing all the responses to see how we may be able to offer help or support. It may be by listening a little more. It may by praying. It may be by pointing to organisations skilled in debt counselling or relationship counselling. However we respond, there is one thing we would like to make clear. Somebody does care about your problems. Jesus cares. And because Jesus cares, we care.

God bless,

Peter Goodridge
Mon 21 Aug 2017