A Time to Remember, Time to Give Thanks. 1 Nov 3pm

When someone we love dies it is good to have opportunities to remember them and to give thanks for their life and for all that they mean to us.

On Sunday November 1 at 3:00pm, we are holding a special event called Time To Remember at St John’s Church, Elmswell. Time to Remember will take the form of a short service and is held to mark the passing of loved ones and to honour their memory.

All those who have faced bereavement in recent months and years are invited to attend. The service consists of readings, three hymns, the reading out of the names of those we are remembering, and the lighting of candles. The service will be followed by some refreshments.

I do hope you will be able to attend and receive some comfort as you remember and honour your loved one.


Peter Goodridge
Tue 06 Oct 2015