Time and Talents

Do you have a talent?
Of course you do!

Do you have time?
Perhaps plenty. Maybe only a little – but every little helps!

We are compiling a register of talents that people can offer to the church, so that, if we need, say, a person who can help out with DIY or music, an audio-visual buff, or someone to make coffee for us at a service, we can look at the talents that people have registered and how much time they are able to give.

Sometimes we want to help but do not know how to. Well this is the perfect opportunity to register your willingness to help in some way.
This is one of ways we can give back just a little of the many gifts God has given to us.

“Now you belong to him…in order that we might be useful in the service to God”
Romans 7:4

Please take time to look at our Time and Talents Survey and indicate any gifts and talents you feel you may have or areas in the life of St John's where you would like to serve.

Don’t be afraid of ticking an area for fear that you are going to be burdened with a job for ever. You will simply be indicating an area of interest. If you would like more information about any particular area of ministry, please ask. We have been compiling descriptions for many of the common roles.

The life of stewardship recognises each church member and their unique gifts as strengthening our relationship with God, and at the same time, influencing the larger parish and community. We are all valuable in some way, however small, and God calls each one of us to use our unique gifts to serve his body, the Church.

Peter Goodridge
Sat 07 Mar 2015