"Thinking Allowed…" article in April Elmswell Newsletter

I find watching the news can be quite disheartening. I switch on the TV in a good mood, thinking let’s just catch up with world events. By the time the news is over, I have been reminded that I live in a world full of gossip, dishonesty, depravity and violence.

As I was pondering this recently, I came across these words of Justin Welby from his "Thought for the Month" back in 1995. He wrote: "the authentic Christian message is grimly realistic about the world. Jesus Christ died on the Cross so we can be put right with God, and experience his love. If the world was not so bad God would have needed to do anything. It is exactly because of all the evil that He provided a way of giving us hope."

As I write this, I am preparing my own Easter message entitled "The weekend that changed the world." The events we celebrate at Easter are all about God stepping into history to bring light, hope and new life into a world that is too often characterised by darkness, hopelessness and death. Next time, the news brings you down, why not counterbalance it by remembering that evil does not need to have the last word, because God in Christ has conquered it. We can, therefore, truly say to one another: "Happy Easter."

Revd Peter Goodridge (Rector of St John's)

Fri 03 Apr 2015