Parish Share 2015 Update - Giving Day 17 Jan 2016

Parish Share 2015 Update

St John’s is facing a shortfall of £5,700

Dear friend,

This letter is being given to regular attenders at St John’s, Elmswell. We are sad to say we are facing a significant financial shortfall in balancing the budget for 2015. We are facing a shortfall of £5,700.

What is the Parish Share?

The Parish Share is the amount our church pays to the Diocese. It pays for clergy stipends, training, housing and pensions and contributes to the costs incurred by the Diocese in supporting us and other parishes.

The calculation is based on:

The cost of ministry applied to our parish (i.e. the cost of having the Rector)
plus the cost of providing support for our church buildings
plus £112 per person on the electoral roll.

But isn't the Church of England rich? Why do we need to pay?

Many people think so, but it isn't. The Diocese here in Suffolk is running at a loss of £750,000 a year.

It takes just over £1000 million a year to run the Church of England. Around three-quarters (£750 million) comes from worshippers in the parishes.

Basically, if parishes want clergy and support from the Diocese, then they need to pay parish share.

How much was our share in 2015 and how did we do?

We have been asked to pay £55,235 for 2015 (due by the end of January 2016). We are £5,700 short of this.

What can we do?

We feel we need a special gift day to raise money to reduce this significant shortfall. This will take place on Sunday 17 January 2016.

As you reflect on God’s abundant generosity to us, please prayerfully consider how much you may be able to contribute. If you feel able to help, please donate on the 17 January or please fill in a donation form and send with a cheque made payable to “St John’s Church Elmswell PCC” to St John’s Treasurer, 25 Warren Close, Elmswell IP30 9DS.

Thank you for your partnership in God’s mission here at St John’s Elmswell. May you know the peace of Christ and God’s blessing.

Sun 10 Jan 2016